Month: Februar 2021

Strong reactions to queer artwork

Tove-Mari Odderdal's work "At The Last Supper We Shall Not Be Ashamed" attracted attention during the exhibition "Pay it forward" on the occasion of Skeive Sørlandsdager in Kristiansand 2020:

Wunderkammer Oct 8-17th XNUMX

As revenge for the roasting year 2020 and warming up for the queer culture year 2022, Pride Art invites to a large-scale mustering of queer art and culture to show queer art and culture on queer premises. A unique diversity of artists, expressions, workshops and debates will give the public and cultural life a unique insight into queer aesthetics and…

Wunderkammer Oct 8-17th XNUMX Read more "


FINALLY! Pride Art is proud to announce the 2021 OPEN CALL for artists! Until the 24th of March you can now register to participate in the Pride Art arena for queer art and culture at beautiful DOGA. Welcome! Follow the link to register:

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