May 2021

Matchmaking for diversity

Pride Art was invited to participate in the Cultural Council's seminar Matchmaking for diversity on 11 May as a competence actor who has competence sharing and diversity as a central part of what they do and has valuable experiences, tools and competence that can create more diversity in Norwegian cultural life.

Give the center a name!

Pride Arts project "Skeivt kunst- og kultursenter" is taking more and more shape. We want this to be the queer diversity in its entire width, and have therefore invited everyone who wants to come up with a proposal for a name for the house until 30 May.–og-kultursenter

Support from the Ministry of Culture

Oslo Municipality The Ministry of Culture has allocated NOK150 000 for the implementation of the "Wunderkammer" - the largest queer art and culture festival ever! The Ministry of Culture highlights the value of the event as open and audience-oriented, with professional participants, and that it contributes to diversity in Oslo's cultural offerings.

Pride Art in Second Life

Hild Evergarden has been appointed Ambassador for Pride Art in Second Life. She has the task of making international contacts and exploring the possibilities of creating and exhibiting queer art in the virtual world. Second Life was started in 2003 by Linden Lab and is a virtual world on the Internet with about half…

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