Pride Art in Second Life

Hild Evergarden has been appointed Ambassador for Pride Art in Second Life. She has the task of making international contacts and exploring the possibilities of creating and exhibiting queer art in the virtual world. Second Life was started in 2003 by Linden Lab and is a virtual world on the Internet with about half a million participants from around the world who meet in the form of avatars. All content in Second Life is created by the participants themselves, which means that the world attracts many creative and artistic people. It is a rich and exciting cultural life with many different expressions, from mainstream to pioneering subcultures of various kinds. During all these years, there has been a large proportion of queer people who have applied for Second Life, and it is everything from dance, clubs and dating to festivals and resource centers for LGBT people. The art scene spans a large number of small and large galleries and club stages for large annual events.

Hild has lived as a woman in Second Life since 2005. “I was a man for two days until I realized that I could choose gender and expression freely and that I would rather be a woman. It was totally life-changing for me, and since then it has been an exploration journey in both the virtual and physical world. It is a great honor to represent Pride Art in Second Life, which has meant so much to me over the years, ”says Hild.

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