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Postponement of the submission deadline for Pridecard!
Because of. due to illness, some of the cards have been sent out somewhat delayed, so we extend the deadline for submitting your pridecard by one week. New deadline: 22 August
Good luck!

Join Pride Arts' very first interactive art project QueerCoronART!
Pride Art invites you to share your experience of the corona time on a postcard. The cards will be exhibited at WUNDERKAMMER in October, Pride Arts' queer art and culture festival at DOGA and be part of the art collection of the new queer art and culture center we are establishing

Visibility is a recurring theme in the queer social debate, but how are we to represent visibility in a time when no one can see each other? On the occasion of Pride 2021
Pride Art wants to gather all queer people across the country in its very first interactive art project. The last year has been challenging in many ways. We had to live more isolated, and the longing for the queer unity and closeness is great. But even though we have lived more apart, we have not forgotten each other. Pride Art therefore welcomes everyone to the pandemic project QueerCoronART.

The pandemic has affected queer people in various ways, and has forced us to think new. Originally we were supposed to have the art exhibition "Wunderkammer" during Pride. This is now
moved to October 2021. We still want to create and make visible queer art and culture during Pride, and have used the opportunity to reach out to you. How experienced
you as a queer corona time? Tell your story by decorating a postcard with your art and creative expression. You are free to interpret the topic in your own way. It can be anything from individual experiences, how the pandemic has affected you personally, what you miss or look forward to after the pandemic, to broader topics. The purpose is to bring us together in a time where everyone has been distanced, and to break the digital where we can do something physically together, even though we are distanced from each other. All the postcards will be put together into a large work of art that reflects their experiences, and will be exhibited in the exhibition in October.

Here's how:

  • Sign up for the project by ordering the card in the form below. It's completely free!
    You will receive a package with a blank postcard and envelope to send us the art
  • Make an artistic expression of your version of the queer corona on the postcard. Remember to
    sign the card on the back! If you want to be anonymous, you can sign it as
  • Take a picture of your artwork and post on instagram with the subject tag #QueercoronART
    so we can repost it on our channels as a digital gallery.
  • Put the card in the envelope and send it to our address: Pride Art C / O Elmholt
    Kringkollen 7. 0690 Oslo
    . NB! The package you order has postage to send
    back postcard with graphic design. Do you want to decorate the card in 3-D
    you must send it in a protected package and add the required postage beyond
    stamps attached.
NOTE! The cards are not water resistant. If you want to use your own paper to create an expression, you are welcome to do so, as long as your paper fits the dimensions of the cards: 110 x 155 mm.

The deadline for registration is 31 July and the deadline for submitting postcards is August 15. Do you want to join? Fill out and submit the form below to order your package! We only have 200 packages so hurry up and join the celebration of queer art!
By sending your postcard to Pride Art, you give Pride Art ownership of the work and accept that Pride Art photographs it and shares it on their communication platforms.

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