October 2021

Pride Art on NRK radio

Pride Arts' leader, Frederick Lucius Nathanael, talks about the purpose of the exhibition "Wunderkammer" in a very lively and clear way. Listen 1 hour & 45 minutes into the program: https://radio.nrk.no/serie/distriktsprogram-oestlandssendingen


«- When skewed art is to be shown, it happens very often from the outside. The queer is defined and interpreted by people who have not lived the life we ​​have. What is unique about our exhibition is that you get it from within. It is an exhibition and festival made by skeive himself, from our perspective,…

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LIVE from the opening ceremony

Follow the opening ceremony of Pride Arts' "Wunderkammer" via streaming. This is going to be historic! Listen to the leader of Pride Art Frederick Nathanael and the mayor of Oslo Marianne Borgen before there is a surprise and a fantastic show by Frida Marida! Time for streaming October 8 at about 18-30 - 19.30

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