Wunderkammer 2022 !!!

Yes, the festival everyone talked about in 2021 is happening again!
Look forward to the queer art festival at DOGA from 7 to 16. October 2022.

Said about Wunderkammer 2021: 

"There are some places you just feel at home"

"It is easier to orientate oneself in one's own body and sexuality, and in the world, due to the work you do with art" 

'I'm glad I've lived long enough to be able to. experience this, to see adults take their children to a queer exhibition. Where I come from, people are put in prison just to make such an exhibition. "

"I suddenly felt young again, I do not remember having had so much fun. I can not understand how you did it. The program was absolutely fantastic »

"Here I can be myself, just the way I am, feel safe and meet others who are like me. I recognize myself in this art, everyone can meet themselves here »

"Wunderkammer has created a revolution in Norwegian queer history!"

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