Pilot at the National Museum

As part of the establishment of a queer art and culture center in Oslo, the project group with Martine Johansen and Ferderick Nathanael will create a pilot in collaboration with the National Museum. Together, we will build and test a diversity council, which will be an important part of the center. The council shall stimulate internal criticism of norms in the institution, work with communities of disagreement and real inclusion and diversity. A broad-based, intersectional council will provide an exchange of experience with the goal of lasting change and positive experience with cooperation, dialogue and bridge-building between institution and grassroots level. In the long term, the council will ensure diversity of opinion and experience both internally in the center and as a resource for groups and institutions that seek advice in the work with skewed perspectives, minorities and diversity: https://www.etskeivtkultursenter.com/senteret

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