Who's going?

Board members and artists from Pride Art arrange one of this year's most important exhibitions in Arendal with the theme "Who is he?" In addition to the five artists, children from three schools will also participate in the exhibition, which will take place at Arendal's library from 7 to 25 February.

"With this art project, I want to increase a general understanding of gender creativity in children as well as an awareness of gender diversity and integration of pronouns such as hen, hin, de, dem.", Says project manager Tove-Mari Odderdal. Tove-Mari is the district coordinator for Pride Art and herself an artist and activist and participates in the exhibition with several thought-provoking works that touch.

In addition to Tove-Mari, four artists will participate and a total of around 30 works of art will be exhibited at the library in Arendal from 7 to 25 February. The library has collected literature on the topic that is available in the exhibition space. Everything to give visitors an opportunity for experiences and reflection on gender identity. The artists are a mixture of queer, straight, transgender and non-binary, but common to all is that they create art that explores and challenges prevailing gender norms.

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See below for a taste of artwork and artists:

The central work of art is "Do you see me?" which consists of school children's pictures that Tove-Mari put together into two hanging sculptures that symbolize two children meeting each other. The children have listened to the songs "Be who you are" and "Do Girl Things" and drawn and painted on transparent paper glued to the sculptures. This sculpture will also be exhibited at City Hall in Kristiansand in August, and at Pride Art's exhibition at DOGA (Design and architecture) In Oslo in October 2022.

Elise de Ruiter is a young visual artist from Arendal. The artist has a broad political understanding and has from childhood been particularly interested in politics and social issues with the human being at the center. Her works mainly consist of expressions in acrylic, charcoal and pencil on canvas. It is especially the figurative portrait and the human anatomy that dominate the canvas.

Hild K is a non-binary trans person and artist who has lived in Norway for five years. Hen creates mainly based on photographs and images that are put together into collages that reflect her journey. "Exhibiting at the Pride Arts art festival Wunderkammer this autumn was a breakthrough for me and has given me the courage to go deeper into my art," continues Hild

Jane-Victorius has expressed herself through art since she was a child. Art emerges as an expression and is closely linked to the identity of the person as skewed and non-binary. Jane-Victorius has for many years worked with young queers with a focus on gender identity and is the Representative for Gay Youth on the board of Pride Arts. Hen works mostly in colorful watercolors and acrylics, but also explores expressions in embroidery.

Mirjam Storm works with digital illustrations. Recently, the focus has been on working on a series that illustrates gender diversity, where Storm wants to challenge the gender stereotypes that are still strongly represented in society, and especially on the gentle Søland. She believes we need to turn to seeing other gender expressions than the traditional binary, without requiring any more explanation.

Tove-Mari Odderdal is a visual artist and activist from Norway. As an organizer, she is involved in queer art and is a driving force for a cultural arena for queer artistic voices. Odderdal sits on the board of Pride Art as district coordinator, and is involved in the various projects that result from Pride Art. Among other things, a queer art and culture center and the art festival "Wunderkammer" which for the second year in a row will be held at Doga in Oslo in October.

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