Time for membership!

The more members, both artists and our friends and allies, the more support the public sector will be able to give us and we can create even more space for queer art and our stories and messages.

Follow the link below and register as a member. It costs NOK 200.

This year is officially Gay Culture Year, and Pride Art will be one of the most prominent platforms for gay art. This is our year! The board plans a large number of exhibitions throughout the year, in collaboration with several of the major museums and small and large galleries around the country. Members who have paid the membership fee will be notified of this in a newsletter by e-mail, which comes every month, with the opportunity to get involved and register as an artist in various ways. 

The big «Wunderkammer festival is repeated in 2022 at DOGA as last year from 7 to 16 October. This year we also rent Kulturkirken Jacob part of the festival season. Registration for this is only for members, and the portal for registration will come during the spring. Members will be notified in newsletters by email and in the closed Facebook page. 

During the spring, we will create a membership program where you can get discounts, for example, get access to exhibit and sell art in a digital gallery, participate in free workshops and other benefits in addition to opportunities to exhibit at events. 

FOLLOW website which is constantly coming up with new updates. 

We look forward to seeing you and working together to create one of the world's largest and finest arenas for experiencing quirky art. 

All good 

Chairman of the board, on behalf of the board

(Photo: Kristin Linnea Backe)

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