The National Museum with a skewed podcast

- There will be conversations about everything from racism to non-monogamy to tentacle porn. And art, then! says Gisle Agledahl, program manager for the National Museum's new podcast "Wrestling". In the podcast we meet stage artist and author Camara Lundestad Joof, contemporary dancer and choreographer Daniel Mariblanca, artists Gjert Rognlie and Guðmundur Helgi Arnarson, filmmaker Yenni Lee, actor and drag pioneer Morten Rudå and artist and activist Inge Aas. Read more in the article in Blikk: the national museum-with-skew-podcast

- Some of the concept and several of the artists who are part of the podcast are Pride Art who have suggested and curated into the podcast, from our network. tells Pride Arts leader Frederick Lucius Nathanael.

Photo: Karoline Finnema / The National Museum

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