Literature and research

Pride Arts' curatorial diversity project

About queer curation and Pride Arts' art activist counterweight to the traditional weighting of art and the screening of which voices are heard.


Leader's comment 2019


Queer aesthetics

Essay on queer aesthetics by Frederick Nathanael in the queer cultural magazine MELK no. 9 Queer Aesthetics: «The scapegoat, the dandelion and the ugly duckling»

The essays:

Mathias Skaset's master's thesis in museology and cultural heritage (UIO)

Based on the Pride Art exhibition 2019, "I fought therefore I am", Skaset examines the problems associated with the representation of queer perspectives in museums, and examines what potential a queer starting point can have in the dissemination of art and culture.

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Interview with the leader of Pride Art, Frederick Nathanael by Vilde Alette Monrad-Krohn in the queer cultural magazine MELK's 80s edition.

The interview:

Confessions of a shameful artist

Testimony of Ole Prin-Sand who exhibited for the first time in Pride Art in 2018.


Queer art is overlooked in Norway

Minerva (2017) by professor of Kunsthsitorie Knut Ljøgodt

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