LIVE from the opening ceremony

Follow the opening ceremony of Pride Arts' "Wunderkammer" via streaming. This is going to be historic! Listen to the leader of Pride Art Frederick Nathanael and the mayor of Oslo Marianne Borgen before there is a surprise and a fantastic show by Frida Marida! Time for streaming October 8 at about 18-30 - 19.30


Skeiv autumn exhibition: 600 works of art by 130 artists with backgrounds from 25 different countries. PLACE: DOGA (national center for architecture and design) Hausmanns gate 16, Oslo Opening hours gallery (free admission) :( Friday 8/10: 14:00: Pre- viewing) Friday 8/10: 18: 00-23: 00Saturday 9/10: 11: 00-23: 00Sunday 10/10: 11: 00-20: 00Monday 11/10: 11: 00-22: 00Tuesday 12/10 : 11: 00-20: 00Wednesday 13/10 11: 00-22: 00Thursday 14/10: 11: 00-20: 00Friday 15/10: 11: 00-23: 00Saturday 16/10: 11: 00-23: 00Sunday 17/10: 11: 00-14: 00 (Collection of purchased art…

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Nordic Pride supports Wunderkammer

Many thanks to Nordic Pride for supporting Wunderkammer! Nordic Pride uses large parts of the profits to support projects for the LGBTIQ community. That is, every time you shop at, you support one or more projects for the LGBTIQ community.

Broken Silence

This year's exhibition during Skeive Sørlandsdager Monday 23 to Saturday 28 August. In this exhibition, 8 artists will break the silence. Together they will use their artistic voices to create the colorful exhibition "Broken Silence". The title of the exhibition was created when this year's pride theme is International solidarity. We break the silence in solidarity with people around…

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Cod Art Festival

The Cod Art Festival is a local art festival on Torskeholmen in Grimstad. We share magical art experiences to and in the city. The purpose is to create lively meetings between the audience and artists, and we will use the urban space and Torskeholmen for this on Saturday 14 August. The festival program consists of 25 involved artists from Grimstad and the surrounding area, as well as some national elements. Her…

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Join QueerCoronART!

—————————————————————————————————————————- Postponement of Pridecard Submission Deadline! Because of. due to illness, some of the cards have been sent out somewhat delayed, so we extend the deadline for submitting your pridecard by one week. New deadline: 22 August Good luck! ——————————————————————————————————————— - Join Pride Arts' very first interactive art project QueerCoronART! Pride Art invites you to share your experience of the corona era…

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Wunderkammer is fully funded! The Cultural Council supports with NOK 350 and gives its recognition to queer art and culture on queer premises through Pride Arts exhibition this autumn. This is large, and we see it as a seal of quality for our business and a recognition from the majority society.

Matchmaking for diversity

Pride Art was invited to participate in the Cultural Council's seminar Matchmaking for diversity on 11 May as a competence actor who has competence sharing and diversity as a central part of what they do and has valuable experiences, tools and competence that can create more diversity in Norwegian cultural life.

Give the center a name!

Pride Arts project "Skeivt kunst- og kultursenter" is taking more and more shape. We want this to be the queer diversity in its entire width, and have therefore invited everyone who wants to come up with a proposal for a name for the house until 30 May.–og-kultursenter

Support from the Ministry of Culture

Oslo Municipality The Ministry of Culture has allocated NOK150 000 for the implementation of the "Wunderkammer" - the largest queer art and culture festival ever! The Ministry of Culture highlights the value of the event as open and audience-oriented, with professional participants, and that it contributes to diversity in Oslo's cultural offerings.

Support from Sparebankstiftelsen

Pride Art is grateful to have received NOK 100 in support of this year's queer art adventure "Wunderkammer" from the Sparebankstiftelsen. The foundation has given us support to include especially children and young people and create lots of exciting activities and creative expression and creative meetings for the youngest. Pride Art works closely with Skeiv Ungdom and will…

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Pride Art in Second Life

Hild Evergarden has been appointed Ambassador for Pride Art in Second Life. She has the task of making international contacts and exploring the possibilities of creating and exhibiting queer art in the virtual world. Second Life was started in 2003 by Linden Lab and is a virtual world on the Internet with about half…

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Supported by Arts Council Norway

It's blowing our way! The Cultural Council supports Pride Arts project «Center for queer art and culture»! With its project, Pride Art will fulfill a large number of cultural policy and diversity policy plans and strategies for establishing a permanently skewed culture house in Oslo. The Ministry of Culture in Oslo Municipality has previously supported the pilot project through the scheme Innovation in cultural life, and now…

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Strong reactions to queer artwork

Tove-Mari Odderdal's work "At The Last Supper We Shall Not Be Ashamed" attracted attention during the exhibition "Pay it forward" on the occasion of Skeive Sørlandsdager in Kristiansand 2020:

Wunderkammer Oct 8-17th XNUMX

As revenge for the roasting year 2020 and warming up for the queer culture year 2022, Pride Art invites to a large-scale mustering of queer art and culture to show queer art and culture on queer premises. A unique diversity of artists, expressions, workshops and debates will give the public and cultural life a unique insight into queer aesthetics and…

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FINALLY! Pride Art is proud to announce the 2021 OPEN CALL for artists! Until the 24th of March you can now register to participate in the Pride Art arena for queer art and culture at beautiful DOGA. Welcome! Follow the link to register:

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