Pride Art is led by an interdisciplinary board of up to 11 people from Bodø in the north to Kristiansand in the south. The board devotes 5000 volunteer hours a year to managing Pride Arts' tradition and values.

Frederick Lucius Nathanael
+47 920 33 236

Bjørn André Langset Gjermundnes
Vice manager

Katja Fjeld

Stephan Udbjørg
Arena manager

Malcolm McKerlie-Hollist

Martine Næss Johansen
Responsible for literature

Nils Jøran Riedl
Security manager

Jane-Victorius Gipling Bonsaxen
Coordinator for work with children and young people

Hilde Frøyland

Torkil Ranvik
Social media / design

The Nomination Committee

Åse Margrethe Hansen (leader)

Vegard Øidvind

Jonas Løvaas Gjerstad

Professional group -consists of the board plus these people:

Daniel Gillberg

Trine Midtlie Elmholt
Responsible children and young people

Hild Krusell
Communication and PR

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