Awards and achievements

Oslo City Artist Prize

Photo: Oslo Municipality / Sturlason

For 2018, Pride Art received the Oslo City Artist Award for its work. The justification stated:

«Pride Art is Norway's largest and most important queer exhibition. Pride Art is an ideal and voluntary cultural group (…) and an important and distinctive contribution to Oslo and the country's cultural image where diversity, solidarity and inclusion are central. Pride Art expands, explores, challenges and enriches the capital and is an important contributor to creating space for everyone to live their own lives. They do this through openness and the unique tool art constitutes in the fight against discrimination and prejudice. The exhibitions give us an increased understanding of the lives and reality of queer people and contribute to changes in attitudes and are important for Oslo in its work to create an inclusive, warm and generous city. "

Article in Blikk about the artist award

Audience award

Audience Award 2021
Congratulations to Hui Ma for the Pride art Public's favorite award 2021 for her artwork «Paradise Lust»! See the whole scroll here:
Audience Award 2019
The exhibition in 2019 "I Fought - Therefore I Am" was visited by 25 000 people in 10 days. The audience named Vincent Langaard's painting «Football Porn» the audience award of the year.
Audience Award 2018
The exhibition "SHAMELESS" during Oslo Pride in 2018 was visited by 15 000 people in 10 days. The audience award went to Marc Kiska's work «Conversion Therapy». The work refers to the debate about conversion therapy, sexual reorientation therapy or so-called "homotherapy" and the fight to get a ban. In 2021, we have not yet received a ban on treatments that will change the sexual orientation of LGBT + people and as "undesirable attitudes" to "heterosexual feelings and sexuality".
Skeive Kunstneres Honorary Award 2018
Øyvind Rauset received Skeive Kunstneres honorary award for the pioneering work he did with Ane Reppe in the 80s; a fiery soul and spearhead for queer art entered the public space at a time when this required great courage and passion as an artist to present himself and his art as queer.

Photo: Lars Helge Frivold

Skeive Kunstneres Honorary Award 2015
Per Eidspjeld was awarded the Skeive Artists' honorary prize during our exhibition in the City Hall Gallery in 2015. The honorary prize was given to a person or organization that has made an extraordinary contribution to the group or is important for the group's values ​​and ideology. Per Eidspjeld is considered one of the key figures in our history for many years. He has meant a lot to form the group as a subgroup of FRI Oslo Viken (formerly LLH OA) and has led Skeive Kunstnere for several years, both as chairman of the board and as a board member. Per represents in many ways Skeive Artists' values ​​and spirit and should be honored for having stood up for solidarity and inclusion and not least to have been a passionate soul for the group's work. We thank Per for all the warmth and creativity he surrounds himself in meeting each individual member.

Skeive Kunstneres Honorary Award 2014
Annika Wattne Rodriguez received the Gay Artists' Honorary Award 2014 for the work she did together with photographer Jens Sølvberg to continue the tradition from the 80s and 90s with gay art exhibitions into a self-organized artist network. It started with the exhibition "Art on the skeiva" in Dronningens gate 10. Annika also started the group's tradition of international solidarity actions. 

Skeive Kunstneres highest protector 2014
Norway's most important gay activist and the mother of the gay movement in Norway, Kim Friele, who became the group's highest patron in 2014, visited the exhibition in 2017. Here with the then Minister of Culture Trine Skei Grande, who stated in the media that year that Gay Artists «Born like this - Blitt Sånn »was the most important exhibition she visited that year. Shortly afterwards, she began work on designing what became the official queer cultural year 2022.

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