Queer literature

At its regular annual arena during Oslo Pride, Pride Art focuses on queer literature with an exciting and varied daily program with author meetings, reading aloud, book baths and performances by authors. In 2019, we gathered gay authors from different generations for dialogue where we asked the panel. Do we specifically need queer literature today? Geir Bie and publisher Arve Juritzen led the conversation between the first generations of queer authors Gudmund Vindland and Gerd Brantenberg.

Creative workshop and children's day during Oslo Pride

Pride Art invites gender-creative children and children of queer families and their parents to a celebration of creativity and joy during Oslo Pride.


Pride Art starts a new groundbreaking tradition for queer exhibitions in Sørlandet below
Skeive Sørlandsdager 2018.

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Arendalsuka 2018

Pride Art creates an exhibition in the empty premises of Arendal's old district court hall and the police station's smooth cells during Arendal Week 2018

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Queer exhibition in Russia with Tove-Mari Oddersal.

Pay it forward 2020

Controversial queer exhibition in Kristiansand during Skeive Sørlandsdager 2020 August 17-21th with international solidarity and diversity in focus.

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