Cod Art Festival

The Cod Art Festival is a local art festival on Torskeholmen in Grimstad. We share magical art experiences to and in the city. The purpose is to create lively meetings between the audience and artists, and we will use the urban space and Torskeholmen for this on Saturday 14 August.

The festival program consists of 25 involved artists from Grimstad and the surrounding area, as well as some national elements. Here you can see poetry with excerpts from the book "Then" by Endre Ruset and Harry Man, video art with Anne-May Fossnes, Butoh dance with Sonja Salkowitch, visual art with Tove-Mari Odderdal and music with Rural Tapes. The festival collaborates with the outdoor restaurant Syden where 3 dance performances, an art band and a DJ are performed. 

Program on and outside the South on Torskeholmen:
14:00 BACKLENGS, performance / Kari Vierli alle
14:45 IMPULSE, children's performance by, for and with children / Tove-Elena Nicolaysen and Sara Røisland Torsvik children
15:15 Workshop for children by Tove-Mari Odderdal children
16:30 Sinnataggen og Nedsnakker'n, book launch and lecture by Heidrun Sangvik ungdom
18:00 Minor, dance by Gina Aas Vissheim & Kristine Beitohaugen all
18:30 Die Erste Heimat dans v / Signe Alexandra Domogalla alle
20:00 Dromedar art band age limit 20
20:30 DJ Tomas age limit 20
Pop-up performance «852 HERTZ» by Tove-Elena Nicolaysen, with soundscape by Margrét Brynjarsdottir and Line Jørgensen.

Between 15:00 and 18:00, 10 and 10 spectators will have the opportunity to experience art by 10 artists from different fields.

Artists: Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen, Tove-Mari Odderdal, Endre Ruset & Harry Man, Tony Higgins, Anne May Fossnes, Elemdin Zunic, Anastasia Hoff, Mari Woll and Sonja Salkowitsch In addition, the interactive art project Paint the World will take place out on Torskeholmen throughout the festival with Alexandra Koren, this is free and available to everyone.

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